Taser Keychain

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This topoftheline taser is perfect for personal protection. It features a powerful electric shock that can incapacitate an attacker, giving you the chance to get away safely. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and comes with a convenient holster so you can keep it with you at all times. The taser also has a builtin laser target system for accurate aiming, and a bright LED flashlight for nighttime use. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance in any situation. With this taser, you‘ll have the confidence to stay safe and secure.

Additional information

Weight 460 g
Dimensions 12.70 × 5.08 cm


1 review for Taser Keychain

  1. Jeffrey Bezos (Not William)

    I pledge my Honor that I have abided by the Stevens Honor System

    • williamreccoppa

      Thanks for the kind words Mr. Bezos, the CEO of Facebook!

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